ARGENTUM Mining Industry and Trade Inc. is a metal mining group that conducts projects regarding and researches on precious metal ores and base metals. Having come into operation in 2001 as a corporate group and successfully conducted commercial and socioeconomic activities for over 20 years, we aim to become a leading company in today’s industry with the help of the confidence we developed as we gained a considerable amount of experience in several sectors, other than mining and underground resources.

Our strategy involves not swerving for once from our quality while we work on potential mine sites, conducting high-level researches while at the same time preserving our values which prioritise the health of nature, environment and humans, working on full-scale, sustainable mining projects which combine economic growth with environmental protection, and thus becoming one of the prominent gold producers in the industry. With this strategy forever in mind, our company continues its activities both in Turkey and abroad. 

ARGENTUM, in all research areas, ensures the health and safety of the workers and aim to perform permanent, sustainable gold production with high economic return, with a transparent, respectful, honest, and open management mentality and communication style and in an atmosphere that is based primarily on trust between the company and the masses, shareholders and workers.

Before we start our mining activities with the awareness that we are in need of sustainable underground resources, we will ensure that we sustain our environmental and social values along the processes that include production and reintroduction of the resources to the environment, in the light of the data collected and studies conducted by experts - on air, water, soil quality, plant and animal species, and cultural and social assets. 

In the areas where we as ARGENTUM will be conducting our mining works, we will aim to procure economic and social growth, preserving our mentality that aims at local sales and employment, ensures social approval and the participation of the shareholders, and takes into consideration all complaints and feedback. More, we will aim to encourage the masses’ participation in the activities through an open and transparent communication built upon mutual trust and respect on one another’s values.

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