Buevent is a new generation event agency founded in January 2022 in İstanbul as one of the members of the ASG Group. Although a recently established agency, it has embarked on an exciting fire-new journey with a team that has brought its over-15-year experience together. Despite the relatively short span of its official establishment, the agency has taken its place amongst the world of events with projects that have caught everyone’s attention.

Get to know us closely.

As Buevent, we have focused, with the excitement of discovery, on serving our clients with “brand-specific” solutions by scrutinizing the needs hiding in the details. 

In a word, we are not seeking one-off challenges; rather, we are a new-generation agency that aspires after long-running projects with ever-creative ideas.

We push the limits by the limits of our imagination; we realize our interest in creative experiences, sports marketing, new media use, and complex field management.

By studying the expectations and behaviors of the brands, we focus on reaching out to the clients with efficient ideas on all communicative platforms. Right from the beginning, when we get our briefs, we proceed with our projects with a complete exchange of ideas instead of a one-sided approach.    

Before us is a long and full-of-fun road, and we have the necessary material and moral strength to support our ardour against many a challenging project that makes us push our limits. The experiences of our members and the way we take a glance at the world during the execution phase thanks to our miscellaneous mindsets, are the guarantee that we will move forward on our path with many accomplishments. 

2022 will be the year the sector reclaims its lost flare, having past the challenging years it had to go through. We are ready for this new era. We are here with our innovative projects, solution-oriented communication, and experienced staff to push the limits of our potential. 

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Buevent Address:

Süzer Plaza Askerocağı Cad. Plaza No:6 K:17– 34367

Elmadağ – Şişli / İstanbul

+90 (212) 243 59 48