Incorporated company (From now on will be call as ASG GRUP YATIRIM A.Ş.) we are using cookies in our app and services because we want our users benefit services best way possible herein cookie policy prepares for inform our website visitors.

What’s Cookie?

Cookies are small text folders placed in your mobile phone or computer or electronic device for gather information about your browser our web app or your preferences. Beside this, texts descriptive pixels beacon or software or other labels will consider as cookies too. Cookies collects your data about previous web site search and try to user friendly experience possible. While doing all these cookies don’t harm your device. Cookies DO NOT save or collect your name surname or passwords or private data.

Cookie’s purpose of use?

Cookie’s main purpose of use is functioning web site experience possible. Our web site uses permanent cookies and session cookies. Session cookies stop working when you close the session. Permanent cookies save at your hard drive.

Cookie’s purpose of use:

  • Identify your problems and demands.
  • Finalize your searches.
  • Verify your account and designate entrance to web site.
  • Protect users while surfing through web sites.
  • Make user experience better at our website and mobile app.
  • Make services special to you from previous preferences.

When you enter the web site with consent cookies used for products, we recommend, ads, promotion, offers and announcements. For example, cookies can be used for, count advert or product image showed count how many times clicked prepare statistics about these subjects. 

First-Party Cookies

First-party cookies, implemented by ASG GRUP to your devices. These cookies aim to ASG GRUP achieve goals listed above for achieve this our work partners can use cookies which we deliver web site agreements and ASG GRUP linked agency, commercial agents, merchant assistants.

Blocking Cookies

For cleaning cookies and your browser cache memory (username and password etc.) you must delete web site and mobile app settings and all pictures must download again and due to this our web site and mobile app are not able to provide effective and fast service as before. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings to give you notification when receive cookies or block cookies altogether. You can delete received cookies.

İf you want to block cookies in your devices browser or contain cookies you can change it at browser settings. At your browser “help” button inform you about blocking and containing cookies.

For blocking cookies in your browser links below can be used.

Google Chrome:


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Essential cookies for web site and mobile app to operate properly can’t be deleted. Apart from this, we would like to remind you that if you delete some cookies, various functions of our site and mobile application may not work.